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Natural Varnish
Emilie Aubin
Great varnish

I used it after seeing it being recommanded as varnish for my hamster cage! It dry pretty quickly too

Face paints

Love these and kids have so much fun drawing there own designs then having me paint in they’re faces. My daughter really wanted makeup but I prefer this for her and she loves them and they are safe!

Petite Natural Earth Paint Kit
Cherry Tree Lane Toys
Amazing quality!!

The pigments make such bold colours and work so well on wood and paper (that's all we've tried so far!) We also let them dry in our cups and were able to re-use them again as water colour paints!

Aluminium Paint Tubes
Janice Mason Steeves

Sounds good to me.

Lisa Piercey

Important that it’s non toxic.

Natural Earth Paint Kit

I bought this for my niece who loves to have her face painted -love it !
And it's all organic; even her parents were impressed by this product.

I’m not a visual artist, so silly me, thought it would come with a pallet and paint brushes too. However, I bought this as a gift for someone who is, and who I think would love to try her hand at oils. I thought doing this safely, for her and the earth, would be a great way to go. The set provides a nice mix of colours to give it a fair try. It has also inspired me to create something using the paints for my new earth friendly home!

Love all the Vegan Products!

Life changer!

Natural Acrylic Medium

Great archival natural product and awesome alternative to toxic acrylic paints and mediums

true beauty

We love all of your products 💗
Beautiful and gentle to our Mother Earth 🌍

Hi there. I haven’t tried out the paints yet. I plan on having my students explore and compare the paints to the product our school usually uses, as part of some environmental initiatives. We’ll let you know !!

Great tool kit

Excellent value. Great concept. A tool kit that completes the painting materials in a well planned way. It allows for professional results, in keeping with the high standard of powder pigments.

Natural Varnish
Lina Cast
Used for Mouse Toys

So far I haven't had any issues or concerns, bought as recommended by a youtuber, and I used it to coat my mouse's wooden wheel as it becomes soiled all the time, so the varnish helps protect the wood and since I wash the wheel every week, the varnish helps prevent stains.

Great Pigments & great company

Have been ordering pigments from Natural Earth Paint for a few years now. The quality is always excellent. Love the versatility of creating my own quality, non-toxic watercolor and gouache paints for my art. And I love all the work they put in making their business and supplies as eco-friendly as possible and sharing it clearly on their websites.

A brilliant donation


I can't thank you enough for the wonderful donation of Natural Earth Paint that was made to Art for Aid.
I'm excited to send these beautiful painting kits to an elementary school this fall. Nearly every paint on the market uses strong chemical substances in the creation process so it'll be really wonderful to offer students something so completely safe! Thank you! Miigwetch!

Organic Walnut Oil
Amelia Bonenfant
Great Oil Option

Love the fact that this is organic and works smoothly with the paint, no weird smell, it is also safer than linseed oil (less flammable) which makes me feel safer while soaking my cloths up with oil painting during my paint process.

Perfect for little ones

My daughter asked for makeup to paint her face. I wanted something that was natural and wouldn't irritate her face. She absolutely loves the paints and I'm happy that they don't contain any nasties.

Amelia Bonenfant
Amazing product!!

Love that this is eco-friendly and plastic free. Perfect.

Natural Varnish
Tracey Cessford
Great product!

Worked great and was pleasantly surprised at how fast it arrived!

The Complete Eco-friendly Artists Oil Paint Kit

Beautiful rich colour.

I'm using these to pigment gypsum cement. They are beautiful dense colours and come out great! Love that they are natural as well.

Exactly I think. Delivery is so good

Natural Varnish

This varnish is so easy to work with. And it is not smelly. I used to have to varnish outside because of the smell. It goes on so easy. Touch ups are also easy. There are no overlap issues. It’s a bit shinny so that’s why I didn’t give it a 5 stars. It’s a great product though. I highly recommend it

Natural Face Paint Kit
Kristine Brisson
Fantastic face paints!

This is the second time I’ve purchased a natural, non toxic face paint and I’m even more happy with this brand than I was with the first. The colours are great (the red is more terracotta red than bright red) and it goes on so smooth. The paint lasted on the faces really well and the brushes included in the set worked really well. I definitely recommend this set if you are looking for something fun to paint faces with without exposing your kids (or yourself) to toxins. The shipping was very prompt. I will definitely order from them again!

Eco Gesso Kit
lindsay wells

Love it !