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Linda Nardelli
I feel safe using Eco-Solve

I love that Eco-Solve is 100% natural and does not emit harmful vapors. I feel safe creating oil glazes with Eco-Solve and walnut oil.


Love these paints + great, fast service.

You guys were beautiful!

Natural Earth Pigments

I'm a long time user of your beautiful pigments, and am never disappointed. Not only is it a superior product, the customer service simply can't be beat.

Just as described and carefully packed for shipping. Thank you!


Makes super pigmented, beautiful paints. Highly recommend.

Have not yet tried this.

Well I have to say I’m disappointed in this ‘booklet’. I expected it would have more to offer than the information on the website. It is instead just a printed form of what I have already seen and doesn’t contain recipes for the plant based adhesive I also purchased. It is nicely printed and will be of some use, but not as useful as I expected.

Love it. Came so well packed!

I love the final texture and appearance of the paints.

love paints and medium. Wish there was a large pot of medium and one more shade of blue.

This is a real help - am anxious to start blending.

Natural Earth face paints

I bought these for my son with sensitive skin, they went on beautifully, stayed on, and washed off really easily and he had no rash or anything. I was so happy to find non toxic paints that will last ages. Thanks again.

Black ochre pigment

Used this pigment to tint and paint concrete countertops. Was happy with the results though probably should have used a higher concentration to achieve more colour.

Amazing paint product! Must buy for any fine artist.

This paint is so perfectly blended - it has a fine consistency along with vibrant professional quality color. The natural pigments are so beautiful, I enjoy using this paint for all my artwork. Goes great on canvas. The natural acrylic conveniently tubed is a wonderful option for anyone who wants to use more natural fine art supplies while also protecting their health. Thank you for making this product NEP!

Lovely, shimmering gold that blends seamlessly with the natural acrylic medium.

Beautiful, lush pigment that blends beautifully when mixed with the natural acrylic medium. A little grainy, but after mulling it smoothed out.

I have been looking for a natural acrylic medium to mix with raw pigments for awhile. Everything else on the market it full of plastic and I’m trying to lessen my environmental impact. This medium is wonderful to work with: smooth, glides nicely, and carries pigment well!

These are my first acrylic paints in ages, mostly because I did not want to paint with plastic or harmful pigments. So happy to have found these natural acryliks and the best part is that the pigments are vibrant and lush!

Organic Walnut Oil
Ashlea Royall

Super fast delivery! Always a pleasure!

Incroyable !

La peinture à visage natural earth est vraiment la meilleur sur le marché ! Je suis énormément impressionnée par les scintillants qui collent super bien sur la peinture dans le visage. Même quand la peinture est déjà sèche, ça colle quand même ! Incroyable !

Happy first impressions!

I just started to experiement with earth pigments and the acrylic medium. Loving the results of the different earthy colour results once mixing colours.

Colour Mixing Chart
Jenny Iserman

Very pleased woth my purchase.

Awaiting use

Well received, but cannot rate products until used.

great paint

I use these paints and brushes with our grandchildren. The brushes are sturdy , hold paint well and are lovely soft. The paint is vibrant , very easy to mix. It goes a long way and totally safe for all involved. Also fast arrival after ordering Thank you NEP