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Natural Varnish

Natural Varnish

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ACMI Certified Non-toxic Product

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Emilie Aubin
Great varnish

I used it after seeing it being recommanded as varnish for my hamster cage! It dry pretty quickly too

Lina Cast
Used for Mouse Toys

So far I haven't had any issues or concerns, bought as recommended by a youtuber, and I used it to coat my mouse's wooden wheel as it becomes soiled all the time, so the varnish helps protect the wood and since I wash the wheel every week, the varnish helps prevent stains.

Tracey Cessford
Great product!

Worked great and was pleasantly surprised at how fast it arrived!

Jo Petty
Natural Varnish

This varnish is so easy to work with. And it is not smelly. I used to have to varnish outside because of the smell. It goes on so easy. Touch ups are also easy. There are no overlap issues. It’s a bit shinny so that’s why I didn’t give it a 5 stars. It’s a great product though. I highly recommend it