About Natural Earth Paint

Natural Earth Paint as founded in 2011 by professional artist, mom and environmentalist, Leah Fanning. Leah had been searching for truly non-toxic, yet very high quality art supplies for years and finally decided to create the products that she desired. After realizing that this way of painting created much HIGHER quality supplies than the synthetic, toxic counterparts, she was on a mission to spread the word to artists everywhere.

Leah began making natural paints and eliminated all toxins from her studio in 2009, immediately after becoming pregnant with her first son Django. Natural Earth Paints, was born a few years later with only two products: the Children’s Earth Paint Kit and the Earth Oil Paint Kit and production took place in one small room of their home.

Right from the start she wanted to focus on eco-friendly and completely non-toxic art supplies AND very high quality and archival products. She is committed to an eco-friendly business model as reflected by their prestigious Gold certification from Green America - the highest rank for a green business. We continue to use 100% post consumer recycled packaging, biodegradable plastic bags and recyclable glass bottles. We give back to Mama Earth and those in need in many ways including our plant a tree campaign and donating to amazing causes throughout the country. Natural Earth Paint continuously spreads the word through articles and blog posts about the dangers of toxic art supplies for our health, our children's health and the health of our only planet. NEP won the prestigious Cribsie Award in 2016 after 40,000 people voted and has received rave reviews in over 50 blogs and magazine articles.

To read more about the origins and development of Natural Earth Paint, try this Resurgence magazine article or browse our blog posts. To see Leah's professional abstract oil paintings, painted with Natural Earth Paints, check out her gallery of Earth Art.

Natural Earth Paint Canada is a 100% Canadian owned small business that brings original Natural Earth Paint products to Canada exclusively. Like yourself, we believe creating art that also preserves our health and the environment. We share in the values and work that Leah Fanning - creator of Natural Earth Paint - has been doing for many years as a fine artist and eco/health conscious parent. When you buy from Natural Earth Paint Canada, you are supporting a small business in Winnipeg, Manitoba!