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100% Non-toxic Natural Earth Paint Kit

Create a creamy, tempera-like paint or watercolours!

Natural Acrylic Medium
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The wait is over and now you can feel good about using acrylic paint with our all-new, first-of-its-kind, plant-based acrylic medium. This product is made with naturally archival ingredients to provide a permanent, water-resistant and non-yellowing finish that dries crystal clear. This product is truly non-toxic, plant based and contains ZERO petroleum byproducts*. Just like conventional acrylic mediums, this medium has many uses including mixing with natural pigments to make paint, a superb varnish / sealer, collage adhesive, and more.  You can finally paint with confidence knowing there are no harmful additives, stabilizers, heavy metals or other toxic chemicals added. Packaged in a 437ml (16 oz.) glass jar. 


- Natural Acrylic Paint - mix with our natural earth pigments to make your own natural acrylic paints that are perfect for use on canvas, paper, fabric, wood, stone, drywall and metal.

- Natural Fabric Paint - mix with pigments to make the only natural, permanent, and water-proof fabric paint on the market.

- Natural Varnish - seal paintings, wood, and any craft projects. Works great as a protectant over our Earth Paints.

- Natural Adhesive for mixed media or collage artworks.

- Beauty - Enhance depth of colours, transparency, texture and flow of other acrylic paints.

 NOTE: Tubed, plant-based acrylic paints to be available in early-2021

*This product is a unique formulation that has been years in the making, so the specific ingredients are proprietary information. We always strive to be as clear and honest about all of our product details whenever possible, however we appreciate your understanding that we cannot share specific ingredients at this time. Please let us know if you have any other questions.

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