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Unleash Your Creativity with Body Paint

Body painting is an art form that transcends age and culture, seen at events like festivals, Halloween, and theater performances. But not all body paints products are created equal. Our face body paint kit stands out because it's both eco-friendly and skin-nurturing. With different options available, you can choose the body paint kit that suits your needs the best.

Body Paint


What Does Our Product Offer?

Our body paint kit features six vibrant body paint pots and three bamboo paint brushes. You can paint a rainbow on your body or stick to classic colors like red, green, blue, black, and white. Each kit also includes a sparkle filter to add a touch of shimmer to your body art. If you buy individual paint, you can choose from 9 colors all-together.

Note: The Body Paint can also be use as Face Paint.


Why Choose Our Body Paint Kit?

Our face body paint products are free from harmful substances like heavy metals, nanoparticles, parabens, and phthalates. We use natural clay and mineral pigments, organic ingredients, and eco-friendly packaging. With our colors, you can indulge in body painting without worrying about toxic chemicals or allergic reactions. Plus, our products are always in stock, ready for you to add the perfect one to your cart and order.


Body Painting: A Timeless Art Form

Body painting is an ancient practice, adopted by tribes and civilizations worldwide as a form of self-expression. Modern artists have evolved this art form by incorporating different techniques and airbrush equipment. Our products let you engage in this art safely and responsibly.


Key Features of Our Body Paint

Skin-friendly Ingredients

Our body paints contain organic castor seed oil and fair-trade Shea butter, which help moisturize and enrich the skin while providing vibrant colors. They're perfect for people with skin issues or allergies. Professional dancers and models have used our paints to enhance their body curves without damaging their skin.


Easy to Wash Off

Our paints are water-soluble and easy to wash off, eliminating the need for harsh chemicals or makeup removers. However, they might stain fabric, so avoid wearing your favorite clothes while painting.


Ready to Order?

Add our face body paint kit to your cart and checkout. Our paint kit is the perfect option for your next body art project or event. Discover our Natural Earth Face Paints and the magic of face painting today! 

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